Room 49 is an collaborative performance with an electronic music trio Time Trouble. The piece is divided by 3 parts which are performed by 3 musicians, 3 dancers and 3 suspension light bars, to play how to react and relate with others. The choreography and the composition are both mixture of fixed phrase and improvisation to give the room for a reaction of dancers and musicians.
An auditory sense by music, spatial relation by moving bars, spatial and emotional relation by bodies.

The space, you come in.
The space, you relate to the others.
The space, you leave behind.

Dance | Collaboration | Matthew Bade, Albert Garrell, Russell Lepley

Music | Time Trouble - Mario Harlos, Moritz Kretzschmar, Kilian Paterson

Concept | Choreography | Light | Kihako Narisawa

Running Time | c.a. 15 min

Premiere | 20th June 2013Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden /Germany