"Studio Zero" is a very first project of Performing Arts collective Spora. A theatre production curated by an art gallery Altrove and foundation Politeama. "Studio Zero" attempts to combine music, theatre, dance and art to unify different disciplines to create an experimental performative work. 


Concept | SPORA | Mauro Lamanna | Claudio Costantino | Kihako Narisawa

Performance | Dancer | Kenji Matsuyama Ribeiro

Performance | Actress | Renata Malinconico

Performance | Actor | Gianmarco Saurino

Choreography | Dancer | Claudio Costantino

Choreography | Dancer | Kihako Narisawa

Music | Alessandro Nania

Music | Attilio Novellino

Playwright | Mauro Lamanna

Scenography | Alessandro Badolato

Lighting Design | Stage Manager | Sammy Torrisi

Production | Gallery Altrove | SPORA Performing Arts