Phóné: a sound, noise, voice, language, dialect. 

Phainó: to shine, shed light, become visible, appear, become clear, seem, to reveal oneself as. 

Phoney: not genuine or real, intended to deceive or mislead, having no genuine existence, making a false show.

Exploring the numerous definitions found within these three meanings we attempt to expose and demystify the perfect synthesis that is live performance.


Fabrizio Di Salvo, Kihako Narisawa, Jeremy Nedd

Concept | sanjugodo + Fabrizio Di Salvo

Music | Fabrizio Di Salvo

Costume | Una Cori Lupo

Sound | Christof Stürchler

Camera | Alessandro Schiattarella

Video Editing | Ruben Dario Bañol Herrera

Running Time | c.a. 20 min

Creation | 2015

Premiere | 20th October 2015 | Roxy | Basel /Switzerland

sanjugodo is an interdisciplinary arts collective created by Kihako Narisawa and Jeremy Nedd