Choreography | Jeremy Nedd

Performance | Fabrizio Di Salvo, Kihako Narisawa, Jeremy Nedd

Music | Fabrizio Di Salvo

Costume | Una Cori Lupo

Sound | Christof Stürchler

Camera | Alessandro Schiattarella

Video Editing | Ruben Dario Bañol Herrera

Running Time | c.a. 20 min

Creation | 2015

Premiere | 20th October 2015 | Theater Roxy Basel /Switzerland


sanjugodo is an interdisciplinary arts collective created by Kihako Narisawa and Jeremy Nedd

Phóné: a sound, noise, voice, language, dialect. 

Phainó: to shine, shed light, become visible, appear, become clear, seem, to reveal oneself as. 

Phoney: not genuine or real, intended to deceive or mislead, having no genuine existence, making a false show.

Exploring the numerous definitions found within these three meanings we attempt to expose and demystify the perfect synthesis that is live performance.