P.S. is an experimental study piece. Based on the definition on personal space which was proposed by American anthropologist Edward T. Hall.

He describes that the personal space can categorise into four different zones.

I tried to apply those four zones into actual theatre space. The space between The Dummy (performer) on stage and The Audience in the auditorium would be The Public Zone. The space between The Dummy, The Presenter and The Audience after introduction would be The Social Zone. The space between The Dummy and The Presenter would be The Personal Zone. The Space between The Dummy and The Presenter after The Dummy attempted to get closer to The Presenter would be The Intimate Zone.


P.S. = Personal Space


Permitting a person to enter personal space and entering somebody else's personal space are indicators of perception of those people's relationship. How to protect your own personal space. What you lose by being confined in a personal space, and what you get for.


*p.s. ( *as postscript ) You are allowed to be where you are.

Performance CH | Sara Wikström and Kihako Narisawa

Performance DE | Kieth Chin and Kihako Narisawa

Music | Kilian Paterson

Text Advisor | Jeremy Nedd

Photography | Kostas Maros

Concept | Choreography | Text | Light | Kihako Narisawa

Running Time | c.a. 15 min

Premiere | 3rd June 2015 | Theater Basel /Switzerland

Germany Premiere | 29th September 2017 | Gallus Theater | Frankfurt am Main /Germany