Metafore dell'illusione


Metafore dell’illusione
Metaphors of illusion is an installation by Santo Alessandro Badolato
Multi material Installation: iron, wood, crystal, resin, video
Environmental dimension


“La ragione è ormai costretta e sottomessa al caos del sentimento”

“The reason is by now forced and subdued to the chaos of the feeling”

Vernissage: 17th December 2016 at Museo d’Arte Lìmen, Vibo Valentia, Italy
Exhibition: 17.12.2016 - 18.02.2017

The installation is composed of 48 crystal glasses of different shapes and dimensions leaning up side down on a layer of fabric, wood and metal. The glasses contain, in an illogic and unnatural way, a liquid that, although with different volume, is the same for all in height. The glass, which represents an artistic and artisanal knowledge,since its formal realisation contains a code derived, to a very small extent, by the function that it will have. A code that is mainly de ned by the taste and the instict that falls within the realm of emotions. On the other hand the liquid, naturally contained in the bottom of the glass, is here forced, measured and rationally leveled. The overturning of the equilibrium between reason and feeling is contained in a gesture that becomes metaphor and paradox. The aphorism in quotation marks, from which the same work is inspired, is interpreted by the dancer and choreographer KihaKo Narisawa whose video is repeated in loop as a mantra and completes the installation.