glitch is a piece to investigate a psychological relationship between two people who have a mutual trust and respect. The anxiety disorder and the perfectionism, what is the difference between them? Perfectionism sounds efficient but it is actually one of anxiety disorder. You feel the pressure and try to be perfect but you are not perfect. You have to communicate effectively with the other and reflect that how much your behaviour and thinking affect each other. To understand, to support, to recognise, to make our relationship better. Do not try to make perfect relationship because everybody has defect. You start behaving honestly when you have a confidence in your partner. We may call it trust which is actually built up by your history with that person. But for an instant, the trust can switch to the dependence. To force your ideal on the other. If the other doesn't accept your ideal? A little glitch in your perfect relationship...


 How would you react when you found a glitch in your perfect relationship.

Dance | Collaboration | Rena Narumi and Daniel Whiley

Music | Masahiro Hiramoto

Concept | Choreography | Light | Kihako Narisawa

Running Time | c.a. 15 min

Premiere | 2nd June 2012Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden /Germany