FIGURATIVE – re/cognition
re/cognition was created during two months of a research and choreography residency programme organised by the Goethe-Institut Montreal, fabrik Potsdam – Internationales Zentrum für Tanz und Bewegungskunst, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, and Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique.


A continuous research on American anthropologist Edward T. Hall’s theories of cross-cultural nonverbal communication and related notions of the anthropology of space (including behaviour, touch, and body movement), as previous works P.S., within arm’s length and facet, two months of residency was spent on investigation and study of recognisable gestures. Using projected subtitles, microphones, chairs and marked lines on the ground as paralanguage, the piece attempted to convey the meaning of Japanese gesture which means opposite in western culture to be acknowledged as attempted intention performed by two Japanese performers in francophone context and bilingual spectators in the city of Montreal.


A display of Japanese gesture in francophone culture and bilingual city Montreal in Canada.

Online article – a conversation with Mr. Philip Szporer –
Magazine the Goethe-Institut Canada : link
– Spring 2018

running time: c.a. 30 min
premiere: 20th September 2018 at Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique in Montreal, Canada
Kilian Paterson
/ Attilio Novellino + Alessandro Nania (SPORA performing arts): sound design
Caroline Gagnon
+ Kaisa Tikkanen + Lisa Fetzer (Goethe-Institut Montreal): text advisor
Marc-Antoine Sirois
(Circuit-Est): technical lighting design
Philippe Dupeyroux
(Circuit-Est): technical director
Tomi Grgicevic
: video
Sonoko Kamimura
: collaboration at the residency Goethe-Institut / performance with, at Circuit-Est (20th September 2018)
Sho Takayama
: performance with, at Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt am Main (11th November 2018)
Kihako Narisawa
: concept / choreography / text / lighting design / performance