© Kihako Narisawa

© Kihako Narisawa


/// project FIGURATIVE fund ///

Please consider to support my conceptual project FIGURATIVE.


Currently I'm working on a conceptual project FIGURATIVE. (about detail)

My aim is to make a piece to perform on stage, and expand it to express art in different venues.


FIGURATIVE is a project which is representative of a system, questions which address the disparity between idea and word, language and artistic expression... I would like to investigate how cultural systems push us to make choices between verbal and non-verbal communication, with an emphasis on how proxemics—our human use of space and the distance between human bodies—is disrupted by cultural codes and norms. With interdisciplinary collaborators who are living abroad in the European performing art and design community, we aim to understand what are the various challenges of translating the language of practice into the language of words.


It has allowed me to work with artists to collaborate and reach to the audience.

Fortunately receiving some response from venues and organisations to realise performances.

As is always the challenge with the art of dance, garnering enough financial support for a project is the biggest obstacle. I would like to pay enough fee in consideration of the contribution of all artists who participate in.


Performances are scheduled:

7th December 2017 at The Flying Dutchman London in London /United Kingdom

22nd December 2017 at Teatro Comunale in Catanzaro /Italy

8th February 2018 at Elisabethenkirche in Basel /Switzerland

23 and 24th March 2018 at Theateratelier 14H in Offenbach am Main /Germany


Now production is supported by:

Hessisches Staatsballett – Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden – Staatstheater Darmstadt


Artist in Residency are offered:

Residenz Darmstadt – January 2018 in Darmstadt /Germany

Braswell Arts Center – Winter/Spring 2018 in Basel /Switzerland

ZAIK – Spring 2018 in Cologne /Germany

Goethe Institut – Autumn 2018 in Montreal /Canada


Unfortunately some are not provided any cost and artist fee. All expenditure is met by my own fund at the moment. This donation is designed to connect creative artists to the funding resources needed to make and show work. Any amount donated is a big help to the project.



Your interest in supporting artistic creativity and adventurous project is greatly appreciated.


Kihako Narisawa



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