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nulllos is an art collective by Sonoko Kamimura and Kihako Narisawa. We are interested in art, choreography, photography, architecture and contemporary culture, attempting to visualise and alternative path to communicate with people.


Visual Design

sanjugodo is an interdisciplinary arts collective created by Kihako Narisawa and Jeremy Nedd. We are dancers, choreographers and designers. We share a mutual appreciation for experimental performative works that bend and challenge genre. sanjugodo strives to develop work that reflects this ideal through connecting and collaborating with artists from various avenues of creativity. Allowing the possibility for new influence and exchange to direct the creative process experience.


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Rian 絆

Poster + Flyer Design and Photography for Performer's Profile

"Japan / Deutschland 150 Jahre Freundschaft, Japanbilder in Tanz, Text und Musik" was a project performance to commemorate 150 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and Germany. Japanese choreographer Aoi Nakamura presented three pieces, performed by actor, violinist and dancers.


Cooperation | The Hessen State Ministry | Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden

Curator | Stefan Schletter

Direction | Choreography | Aoi Nakamura

Performance | Martin Müller, Kihako Narisawa, Rena Narumi, Ayumi Sagawa, Florian Teatiu, Yuri Uozumi

Premiere | 1st December 2011 | Wartburg in Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden /Germany