Kihako Narisawa

Performing Artist


Kihako is a freelance artist since summer 2016. Currently based in Frankfurt am Main /Germany. Working with independent choreographers, artists, designers at the projects, and own new project and creation.

She has presented her own choreographies in the young choreographer evenings at Staatstheater Wiesbaden /Germany "silencing" (2011), "glitch" (2012) composed by Masahiro Hiramoto (Tekna Tokyo), and "Room 49" (2013) which was collaborative work and live performance by former electrical music trio Time Trouble by Mario Harlos (Miumi), Moritz Kretzschmar  (Hotel International, STAY) and Kilian Paterson (Hotel International, STAY). "P.S." (2015) the music was composed by Kilian Paterson and presented at Theater Basel /Switzerland.

Kihako has started her professional dance career at Fondazione Nazionale della Danza Aterballetto in Reggio Emilia /Italy under the artistic direction of Mauro Bigonzetti (2005-2009), then Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden, Thoss Tanzkompanie /Germany under Stephan Thoss (2009-2013), and then Ballet Basel at Theater Basel /Switzerland under the direction of Richard Wherlock (2013-2016.)

where she danced choreographies from, Mauro Bigonzetti, Stephan Thoss, Richard Wherlock, Jiří Kylián, Johan Inger, Ohad Naharin, Itzik Galili, Ed Wubbe, Václav Kuneš, Ton Simons, Adrien BoissonetDouglas Bateman, Jean-Philippe Dury, Walter Matteini, Yuki Mori, Aoi Nakamura, Frank Fannar Pedersen, Eugenio Scigliano, Giuseppe Spota, Medhi Walerski, and more...

Kihako Narisawa has received her professional dance education under David Picken, Jan Nuyts, Pierre Darde, Noriko Araki and Miwako Tadano in Tokyo /Japan.

Then studied at l'Ecole superieure de Danse de Cannes Rosella Hightower /France under the direction of Monique Loudières and performed as a member of Cannes Jeune Ballet while at school.

Entered to final year of Codarts - University of the Arts (Rotterdamse Dansacademie - Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Musiek Dans) in Rotterdam /The Netherlands to receive Bachelor Program of Dance under the direction of Samuel Wuersten, specialisation as Dancer.


art collective/



Switzerland /// www.sanjugodo.com

Kihako started her own project along with Jeremy Nedd, as an art collective sanjugodo in Basel /Switzerland in 2015. sanjugodo has presented some works at Alte Rumfabrik Basel "work in progress", "Finding Translation", "p.s." and "Exchange" (2015), collaborated with a textile designer Gwen van den Eijnde. And collaborated with a performative musician/composer Fabrizio di Salvo as performer, sound design and concept to collaborate for "phóné phainó phoney" (2015), the sculptural costume was designed by Una Cori Lupo at Roxy Birsfelden.


Germany /// www.nulllos.com

An another art collective nulllos with Sonoko Kamimura in Frankfurt am Main /Germany in early 2016. nulllos has performed their first art/dance work "facet" (2016) at Holzpark Klybeck in Basel. Later nulllos has collaborated with a film maker Andreas Guzman to make a short dance film "No Quarrel" about historical building Waschkaue in Dorsten /Germany and filmed our second work "PhaSe". "No Quarrel" will be a part of the side program and online program of F-O-R-M (Festival Of Recorded Movement) in Vancouver /Canada in June 2017.

SPORA performing arts

Italy /// www.sporaperformingarts.com

She was called to join a performing arts collective SPORA, founded by an art gallery Altrove, based in Catanzaro /Italy. She collaborated with various artists as playwright,actors, musicians, sound designer, lighting designer and sculptor. She choreographed a Dance-Theater production "studio zero" (2016) at Teatro Politeama Catanzaro /Italy, along with Claudio Costantino to combine dance and theatrical aspects with collaboration of different disciplines.





She works with an Italian choreographer Alessandro Schiattarella. She was a part of performance, sometimes in the creative process, sometimes as collaboration, "Grooming" (2015) street performance during Tanzfest, an installation "Shared Definitions" (2016) at Kunst Raum Riehen, "STRANO" (2017) at Roxy Birsfelden.

Kihako also works as a choreographic assistant and as rehearsal director to coach Stephan Thoss choreographies, mainly abroad. At Thoss Tanzkompanie /Germany "Dornröschen (Slepping beauty)" in 2012, at Ballett Basel /Switzerland "Blaubarts Geheimnis" in 2014, Les Grands Ballets Canadien de Montreal /Canada "Heimsuchen (Searching for Home)" in 2016 and 2017.

She demonstrated Mauro Bigonzetti's choreography solo "Rossini Cards" for Prix de Lausanne 2016.


Kihako works as a model for Japanese photographer Sakiko Nomura since 2007. The first photo exhibition "波動 (Hadou)" was held on 2008 in Kobe /Japan at Kobe Fashion Museum. Kihako appears in Sakiko Nomura's photo books "Hadou" (2008), "NUDE/A ROOM/FLOWERS" (2012), and more...

She represented as a performer to re-stage the historical work of Jannis Kounelis "Da inventare sul posto (To invent on the spot)" (1972) at Art Basel 2016 by Gallery Luxembourg and Dayan.

She appears in art installation "Metafore dell'illusione (Metaphor of illusion)" (2016) by Italian sculptor Alessandro Badolato, was presented at Museo d'Arte Contemporanea LIMEN in Vido Valentia /Italy.


She presented as model and dancer in fashion collection "Ritual" (2017) designed by Jacqueline Loekito.

Jacqueline as stylist, casted Kihako for the Graduate Show of Doing Fashion 2016 at Institute of Fashion and Design Basel. Kihako performs in their shooting and presentations by different designers which is artistically directed by Priska Morger, Yasmin Haddad and Matthias Waldhart. Performed in "Look Therapy – All Over Over All" (2017) at Kunsthalle Basel.

Also as stated above, with, Sound designer: Kilian Paterson, Fabrizio Di Salvo, Janiv Oron, Masahiro Hiramoto. Fashion designer: Gwen van den Eijnde, Una Cori Lupo... Please refer to the artwork/ page for detailed work and collaboration description.


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